The Transformative Power of Online Games: Unlocking Personal Growth and Development

June 13, 2023 0 Comments

In the digital age, online games have evolved beyond mere entertainment. They have become powerful tools for personal growth and development. From enhancing cognitive abilities to fostering social connections and building resilience, online games offer a myriad of benefits that extend far beyond the virtual world. In this post let us explore how online games …

Book Review Of “Traces & Memoirs, Stories of You & Me”

January 28, 2023 0 Comments

TRACES AND MEMOIRS – STORIES OF YOU AND ME BY CHINMAYEE GAYATREE SAHU is a collection of 26 stories, set in the contemporary times.  True to the title, these stories are of everyone and for everyone. It is easier to connect with the characters and the flow of the stories as the reader may find …

My Daily Routine

October 23, 2022 3 Comments

Routines – Sequence of Actions Regularly Followed. And I hate routine. Just like the famous dialogue of Rajesh Khanna from the film Amar Prem – “Pushpa, I hate tears 😢” Routine and habits make your life easy and there is no doubt about it. As far as I am concerned, my daily routine changes as …

A Private Conversation Between Ms. DD and Me

October 15, 2022 3 Comments

I write my daily diary after finishing all my daily chores. My day ends with a card session of three games of rummy with RB and a video call with my younger son, who lives “saat samandar paar”. After that, I take a half an hour session of leg massage on the machine and this …

How to Tell a Story Effectively?

October 3, 2022 7 Comments

Fables are a significant part of everyone’s childhood memories. The favourite storytellers were grandmoms and parents. They tell tales so effectively that they are still imprinted in our minds. I am sure, none of you will disagree on this with me. Storytelling at bedtime was a daily ritual at my home when my boys were …

Home Sweet Home

May 4, 2022 0 Comments

“Home Sweet Home”  (Source: Musixmatch Songwriters: Nikki Sixx / Tommy Lee) You know I’m a dreamer, But my heart’s of gold,  I had to run away high, So I wouldn’t come home low Just when things went right, It doesn’t mean they were always wrong Just take this song and you’ll never feel left all …

E Commerce, MSMEs & Growth

January 28, 2022 0 Comments

In October 2007, well-known tech blogger V.V.K. Chandra noticed a comment on his blog from a man who identified himself as Sachin with a link to an unfamiliar site. He did not realize that clicking on it would be a landmark moment in India’s e-commerce history. As he clicked on the link, it opened into …

Virtual Activities

December 21, 2021 0 Comments

As the Covid scare was decreasing, I have started my outings with usual precautions. I always wear my N95 mask, if I am going to indoor premises and a surgical mask or cloth mask if it is an outside activity. One thing which these pandemic lockdowns have taught all of us is that we have …

Solitaire – A Gem of a Gaming Site

December 5, 2021 0 Comments

My new found online entertainment !

Interior Designing – Changes Over Time!

November 13, 2021 2 Comments

Owning a home is the biggest goal and achievement of life, more so in India. I had made my first home in 1993 in Faridabad, an industrial town in Haryana, bordering New Delhi, the national capital of India. Faridabad comes under “NCR”( National Capital Region). It was a bungalow and those were the times when …