Book Review Of “Traces & Memoirs, Stories of You & Me”

January 28, 2023 0 Comments

Kindle Edition

TRACES AND MEMOIRS – STORIES OF YOU AND ME BY CHINMAYEE GAYATREE SAHU is a collection of 26 stories, set in the contemporary times. 

True to the title, these stories are of everyone and for everyone. It is easier to connect with the characters and the flow of the stories as the reader may find some or the other resemblance with the characters. 

The best part that I liked about this book is the thought expressed at the end of each story. 

We all go through a number of emotions in life. We respond to situations that life throws at us differently. These waves of emotions, layers of sentiments and sensations make us humane. And this is what a reader will find in this book.

The stories are set in present times and should appeal to young people as most of these depict situations they must have felt at some time or the other in their professional and personal life. 

In one of the stories, Sahu has created a situation about the busy life everyone is following and their claustrophobic existence to fit in the rat race. In the process, they forget to live life in the true sense. Now, this is truly relatable to everyone around.

She has also brought up the social issues like child sexual abuse in one of the stories. Children who have undergone child sexual abuse often go into depression.Depression is one of the major mental health issues and is often age and gender-neutral. In this story, author has emphasised the need for open communication between parents and children, more on the matters of abuse.

As one turns pages, one can find something or the other related to his or her personal experiences. The stories are about love, hate, empathy, depression, marriage, kindness, daily life, family ties, obsessions, traces, addictions, ruffled relationships, sarcasm and even about vengeance. These are about excitement and unsettling unsaid emotions.

The language is simple but expressive. I loved the flow of the words which weave the scene by scene in such a way, that reader feels part of the story. 

My rating 3.5 /5

Author Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu has an MBA in Marketing and had worked in the corporate world for five years. She believes that the world of books is magical. Sahu has authored two more books which are also available on Amazon. Chinmayee actively blogs at

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