Know the person behind this blog!


Neerja is a versatile individual with a diverse set of skills and passions. She started her academic journey as a physicist and pursued a Master’s degree in the subject. Neerja’s love for teaching led her to educate students of all ages, from primary to graduate levels, for over two decades. Eventually, her passion for writing took over, and she transitioned into a career as a freelance content developer and creator. 

She has written her first Ebook on Kindle in 2022 about retired life named “The Second Innings”.

She published her second Ebook on Kindle in 2023. This book is titled – “The Handbook of Lifeskills – Your Personal Life Coach” .

Neerja is also an avid blogger and photographer and enjoys expressing herself through these mediums. She is not one to conform to trends or routines and prefers to carve out her own path. Despite being born in the 1960s, Neerja continues to explore her many passions and interests in the final chapter of her life’s journey on this planet.

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