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December 5, 2021 0 Comments

Just last night, while in bed to sleep, I have a habit of pondering about the day, just gone by.  my attention drifted towards the things which I used to do earlier and have recently forgotten and also so many more which have slipped into my routine life without making any noises. 

This Covid19 has brought huge changes into my life. I am sure, it must be the same for you too.

I was all in all an outdoor person all my life. Being with friends and family outdoors or even alone and sitting quietly in a corner in the garden, I used to enjoy both. I remember I loved to have my breakfast, out in the garden in my parent’s bungalow in peak winter mornings when it’s thick foggy blanket all around and not even the next bungalow was visible. My mother used to tell me to have it inside and go out once the sun comes out. But I loved the flow of the cool breeze against my cheeks. Now when I analyze my feelings of those times, I found that I always loved to be outside. I have lived mostly in places that are hot during the summer months from April to June. Since it is difficult to be outside after morning till late evening, I prefer to be outside before it gets hot outside. I may study or have breakfast in our rear garden or go out for cycling, long walks or outdoor games with friends. I always find a way to be outside and enjoy myself.

Being outside releases my tensions, pressures, and everything else which is suffocating me at that particular moment. It might be the stress of an upcoming exam or an interview or just coping up with a health issue. An outdoor activity relieves me from all of them. 

I remember I had major surgery in early 2008 and I was unable to gain physical strength. The doctor suggested that you change the place for a few days. Acting on the doctor’s advice, we planned a trip to Darjeeling from Faridabad for a week. It was a leisure trip with no grand plans to visit nearby places. The moment, I sat in the cab for the airport, I felt healed. In a day’s time, I felt strong again. 

The pandemic has created a situation that none of us has ever imagined in our worst dreams. No one has ever envisaged that whole humanity will be locked inside the four walls. But it did happen. The new terms of lockdown, oximeter, loss of taste, and smells have entered our lives. Lockdown has affected most of us. And it was the most dreaded one for me too. Being an outdoor person, staying at home has taken the life out of my life. And as they sat no play and all work make Jill a dull lady. 🙂 It applied to me perfectly.

When I failed… But did not lose hope.

While searching for some online entertainment, I come across this gaming website – Solitaire.Org. I have never been enticed by any gaming website earlier. But this one in bright red colour was inviting and I started exploring it for some quick relaxation. Though I used to see my children playing video games online, I have never tried one. 

Anyway, as I was exploring the website, I stuck at Solitaire. The instructions were so clear and apt that after a few trials ( I am a little technically challenged 🙂  )I could play the game and boy, it was so fun. I am still playing the easy level but I am having good fun. 

Then I played the kiddos games like kitchen, animal connection, 3D and alike. Good to know that the child inside my 6 decades old frame is still alive. 

My most favourite genre is Logic Puzzles. And what I found there was a treasure box of my favourites – Crosswords, Sudoku and Chess out of so many options. 

I swear, there is no dearth of choices and games. And the best part is, it’s free from any advertisements. I have found a new way of entertainment for which I do not have to go out and it is just so wonderful. Exploring the world of online games as a senior fellow… as they say, there is no age bar to learning!

Corona is not all that bad. There is always something good in the bad times. And for me, it’s the introduction to a new world of entertainment.

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