TV watching is not a waste of time!

April 2, 2012 0 Comments

Though, lately TV has been nicknamed as an idiot box, I find it an intelligent box. Saas bahu soaps on Indian television has been condemned a lot by intelligentsia and pseudo intelligent women. But I differ in my perception about Indian “saas-bahu operas”. I find them highly educative and knowledge garners.

These serials have added to the awareness of women rights as well as duties of women in the family. They have taught so many family virtues. Though side by side they share how to break the family. But its up to the individual to filter the information. In today’s newspaper, there was a news item about teenagers murdering  their close friend. When caught, they claimed to have this idea of making easy money from the “crime petrol and CID” programmes. They have not learnt about the intentions, techniques and capabilities of police and CID to hound the culprits.

The so called “behenji serials” teach to express love, identify hatred and crime, react in certain difficult situations and stand-up against cruelty, socially challenging situations , dishonesty and corruption.

The channels like Discovery, Net-geographic and Animal planet teach so many interesting facts about the life around us. Visiting all around the world, without spending a penny and learning thousands of cooking techniques, without going out is just a great way of using the knowledge aired on TV.

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