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Having a pet at home is good for the whole family. The most important advantage of having a pet at home is the health benefit they bring in. They increase the opportunities of going out and socializing. Regular walking and playing with pets decreases the high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglyceride levels etc. They also help in managing loneliness and depression. It’s also seen that children who grow up with pets are more compassionate towards animals and otherwise when they grow up. 

If you are planning to bring a pet into your family, you must seek answers to these questions which will help you to know the responsibilities that come with keeping a pet and if you will be able to manage them. 

1.  Normal age of the pet – You need to understand the time frame of responsibilities.

2. Food and diet – It needs planning, more so if you are a vegetarian family. It needs efforts , financial burden and planning. They are as choosy as children.

3. Optimum exercise required – Some one from the family has to take responsibility of accompanying the pet for it’s daily routine exercises.

4. It’s adult size – To understand the space constraint due to an adult pet member in the family.

5. Vaccination and veterinarian cost – Taking your pet to veterinarian is a task which requires efforts , time and money .

6. How much time you can spare for the pet – Your pet demands time to cuddle, play and going out. Sparing some daily time from your routine is mandatory.

7. Will I be able to take care of it all through it’s life – Once you adopt a pet, it should be a commitment for it’s life , come what may.

8. Acceptance from the family members – Adopt a pet ONLY if your whole family agrees.

When you adopt a pet, do not forget that it’s a lifelong commitment. The little one gives you unconditional love and deserves the same from you.

Few months ago, I read a heart breaking news from Bengaluru, where a family has thrown away a pomeranian with a message hanging in his neck that he is not a good dog and is having an eye to the bitch next door. How wierd? The little one was thankfully adopted by a dog lover.

Bringing up a pet has the same responsibilities as bringing up a child. Just as one sets up a nursery for a new born baby, you may want to set up a pet corner in your home. The basic needs of the pet is to have a sleeping place and a dinner set and lots of love. 🙂

In the days of home deliveries, you need not go out and search for all these goodies.

You can buy a beautiful bedding for your new love by just a click here.

You can have the eating and drinking set for your pet by clicking here.

As the little one grows, you may be needing some pet toys to play with your new furry baby.

If you are a pure vegetarian, it’s advisable to give your pet ready to eat dog or cat food. There are two categories. One is dry food and another the wet food.

So what will you do to save your car seats when you want to take your pet for a car ride? Here is a hammock which will save your car seat from it’s hairs.

You will be needing bathing accessories too. What kind of accessories will make life easy for both of you?

A massage cum bathing glove, shampoo, conditioner will make the basic toiletries for your loving pet.

And last but not the least, the leash and harness is always needed to take it outside, specially for dogs.

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