That Secret Passage in University Library!

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Long ago, I was studying for my master’s degree in Physics at a university in Haryana. I was staying in the women’s hostel and our warden Ms Sethi was a grey-haired lady whose eyes were bright and she was always ready to help and counsel the hostel mates. She has solutions to every problem. Her small eyes under the glasses were full of wisdom. She used to come to the hostel every weekend and had conversations with all of us. 
During one of the conversation sessions, Ms Sethi casually asked, who loves to go to the library? Many shouts of “yes” filled in the central lawn, where we were all sitting around Ms Sethi. Have you heard the story about the university library? 
No mam. We have not heard. We all cuddled up around Ms Sethi to hear about the secrets of the library. 
Ok, Ms Sethi said and started –
“The university library was as magnificent and filled with lakhs of books as it is now. It is said that hidden within the walls of the library building was a secret passage. The passage was known only to a few of the most trusted librarians, who kept its existence a secret.
Years ago, a young librarian named Vasudha was sorting through the shelves when she stumbled upon a minor, ornate key hidden behind a stack of books. Intrigued, she followed the instructions engraved on the key and found herself in front of a large, dusty tome ( a large heavy book) on a rarely visited shelf.

As she opened the book, a soft click echoed through the library, and to her amazement, a hidden door in the wall slowly creaked open. At first, Vasudha was shocked. But curiosity overpowers her fear and Vasudha cautiously stepped through the door and found herself in a long, dimly lit passageway.

The walls were lined with shelves filled with ancient texts, many of which were written in languages she had never seen before. Vasudha was flabbergasted by the wealth of knowledge that lay before her and she quickly realized that this secret passage was a storehouse of knowledge and history, far beyond anything she had ever encountered before.

As she delved deeper into the passageway, Vasudha discovered hidden rooms filled with rare artefacts and mysterious objects, each one more fascinating than the last. She spent hours exploring the passage, learning its secrets and marvelling at its beauty.

Eventually, Vasudha realized that she had to leave and return to the main library. She made her way back to the hidden door and closed the book, sealing the secret passage once again. From that day on, she made it her mission to explore and uncover the secrets of the library’s hidden passage, determined to share its wonders with the world.

Vasudha soon realized that the secret passage in the library was more than just a repository of knowledge and history. It was also a portal to another world, one filled with magic and mystery. Each time she stepped through the hidden door, she was transported to a different world, filled with incredible creatures and stunning landscapes.

She began to travel to these worlds, exploring the wonders of each new place and learning all she could about their cultures and histories. On one of her tours to the magic world, she met a wise old wizard who taught her the ways of magic and the secrets of the universe. On another, she encountered a kind-hearted fairy who showed her the beauty of the natural world.

With each new adventure, Vasudha grew stronger and more confident, and she soon realized that the secret passage in the library was her true calling. She dedicated her life to exploring the many worlds that lay beyond the hidden door.

As the years passed, Vasudha became a legend, and many people sought her out for guidance and advice. She never lost her sense of wonder and always remained humble, always eager to share the wonders of the secret passage in the library with anyone who was willing to listen. She quickly became known as the greatest adventurer of her time.

Vasudha continued to visit the secret passage in the library for many years, and with each visit, she learned something new. She discovered new worlds filled with incredible creatures and ancient civilizations, and she made many friends along the way.

One day, she stumbled upon a world that was in peril. Great darkness had descended upon the land, and the people were afraid. Vasudha knew that she had to help, and so she set out to find the source of the darkness and bring an end to it.

After a long and arduous journey, she finally discovered that the source of the darkness was a powerful witch who had been using her magic to bring chaos to the world. Vasudha challenged the sorceress to a duel, and after a fierce battle, she emerged victorious.

As the witch lost the battle with Vasudha, the darkness was lifted, and the world was plunged into the light. The people rejoiced, and they hailed Vasudha as a hero. From that day on, she was known throughout the world as the one who had saved them from the darkness.

Vasudha continued to travel to the many worlds beyond the secret passage in the library, and she never stopped exploring. She remained humble and eager to share her knowledge and adventures. She became a mentor to many young adventurers, inspiring them to follow their dreams and explore the unknown.

In the end, Vasudha’s legacy lived on, and her story was passed down from generation to generation, inspiring people to always seek out knowledge and never stop exploring the world and beyond. The secret passage in the library remained one of the greatest mysteries of all time, a testament to the power of knowledge and the boundless possibilities of the human spirit.

We all were listening to the story with awe. After Ms Sethi left, we all were planning to look for the unused racks and find out that mystery key and passage.

But alas, none of us could locate it!



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