How to Tell a Story Effectively?

October 3, 2022 7 Comments

Fables are a significant part of everyone’s childhood memories. The favourite storytellers were grandmoms and parents. They tell tales so effectively that they are still imprinted in our minds. I am sure, none of you will disagree on this with me. Storytelling at bedtime was a daily ritual at my home when my boys were …

How Much Free Time is Good For You?

September 19, 2021 36 Comments

Free time is defind as the time when you are neither working nor studing but can do what ever you want. But how much free time is good for some one. And how to use this free time to feel good?

How To Be Happy !

April 18, 2021 0 Comments

All through our lives, we are always making efforts to be happy But what is the answer to this million dollar question – “What makes us happy?” Prior to corona days, one can go out and have favourite food at some good food joint and lo,the mood is uplifted. This results in  instant happiness. Many …

The IMMUNITY Matters

April 11, 2021 0 Comments

What does it mean to develop immunity? It means to develop your strength to stand firmly and win against your opponents or someone who may harm you.In these days of covid 19, there is stress of developing physical immunity to beat the Covid19 virus. We had started digging in the ancient traditional wisdom of Ayurveda …

Its Right to be Wrong!

September 20, 2018 4 Comments

  As they say, “To err is human”, but in the times of social media, we see everything is perfect about everyone. The perfect instapic, the perfect location, the perfect husband, the perfect wife, the perfect children, the perfect home, the perfect job….. . Have we lost the fun of being wrong and making mistakes? …