Its Right to be Wrong!

September 20, 2018 4 Comments


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As they say, “To err is human”, but in the times of social media, we see everything is perfect about everyone. The perfect instapic, the perfect location, the perfect husband, the perfect wife, the perfect children, the perfect home, the perfect job….. .

Have we lost the fun of being wrong and making mistakes?

“I did  it wrong”

“I was be-fooled, I could not understood the intentions”

“I made a mistake.”

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No one wants to say so or admit so even to herself or himself. Why is being perfect so important? Why being superman or superwoman feels good? Not admitting about a fault / error/ overdoing/ misinterpretation/ fallacy /gaffe / faux passe increases stress in life. So is trying to be a super women or super man. It’s very well known now about the havoc which stress plays in our life.

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Its OK to make a mistake.

Some mistakes are small which can be rectified easily while some might result in life changing situations. Its all about the way one handles the situation created by a gaffe in the best available way and then move on with life. Realizing it’s OK to make mistakes will make your life happier, which is a better situation to be in rather than fretting about what has been done and lead a stressful life.

The Lessons of Life

Mistakes, if taken in right spirit can prove to be life lessons and help one to grow as aImage result for I made a mistake person. Every mistake teaches something, which may be a very small learning or big enough to change the course of life. The mistake, actually is a teacher. Admit the mistake, learn from it and be anxiety free. Every one makes mistakes. Many lessons can be learnt whenever a mistake is made. Though, it’s not an enjoyable and welcoming way of learning a lesson, it’s nonetheless very effective as it gets all of our attention and efforts.


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To err is human

We are born in “HIS” image. “HE” is perfect , we are not. Everyone is said to be unique and so are the mistakes one makes. Making mistakes are part of life and a very important one at that. Do it, learn from it and get going. Every one makes mistakes, it’s part of the learning process. Doing the same mistake again and again may point out that no learning has been learnt. It’s still okay – learn and move on. In this big world, there may be at-least one person, who have made the same mistake and has survived too.

Grow as a Person

Related imageSometimes making a mistake seems like the end of the world. Analyse it and fix it to the best of your capabilities and start over again. Reflect upon your thought process and actions which lead to the blunder (read mistake). Learning from the mistake is the best part of making a mistake. One grows as a person and knows more about self, which in reality helps one to grow as a person. Mistakes help to know what is right or wrong for you and your own capabilities to correct a wrong doing. It also makes you physically , emotionally and mentally stronger.

Fuel the Spirits

Mistakes in reality, if taken in right spirits and as a learning, fuels the determination to Image result for be a better selfbe your better self. They help one to know the limits , one can go down and then push oneself to rise as phoenix. Mistakes are the vehicles to encourage and inspire self. It may help one to get an insight about the self capacity and capabilities to handle odd and tough situations in life. The mistakes equip one with more mental and physical ammunition required to come out of the difficult situations in life. If one makes millions mistakes, they are actually million chances to improve.

Do not sweat

Most of the mistakes made are small and does not affect life. The bigger issues which one has either committed or one fears to commit becomes small, when one let-go the issue and moves on. It’s important to examine the situation after the mistake with a cool mind so that a balanced action plan may be thought of to come out of the situation.

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Most of the mistakes committed in life are not intentional. They  just happen due to wrong judgement by the person who has committed it. If the guffaw is big, it’s important to be forgiving and sympathetic to the person. If a big blunder has happened and there is a possible way to correct it , go ahead and sort it out. If there is no way to correct the flaw, look for the best possible way to handle the situation. Never play the victim card. Forgive yourself and move on.  This is a better way to keep calm and reduce stress.

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Life is a long journey and imperfections are perfectly acceptable.Imperfections are no crime. Striving for betterment is a positive trait rather than stagnating. It’s okay to be wrong.

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