Second Innings

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It’s a known fact, that if any of the parents is available to children during their growing years, children are better equipped to face their lives . Generally  it is the mother, who changes her course of life.She shuns her work life to become a full time mom, which no doubt is a very fulfilling experience. Though with changes in the status of women with education and working outside, we see few fathers who take break to rear children.

Every stage of life teaches. The multitasking, learnt in the work place is totally different in the home environment. With the small bundle of joy, life is always on the tenterhooks, for first few weeks. One has to be prepared for the next move, without any idea or experience. It takes sometime, to adjust to the grueling schedule of baby bringing business. 🙂 . The days and night schedules are mostly in accordance with the baby’s schedules of sleep and feed. When the baby sleeps, new mom also want to have some of her sleep. But the loads of pending work stares at her. With in few weeks, new mom can plan her life better. The baby’s schedules are also setting in. The helping hands’ (maid, cook etc) timings need to be rescheduled. Physically, things are much in control.

Emotionally, when one has time to think, one gets upset and misses the time in office- the getting ready, dressing up , work and the gossip. This is the time, when spouse must provide the shoulder. It can be a he shoulder or a she shoulder, depending upon the kind of parental leave: maternal or paternal.

These days, there are opportunities to work from home. One should explore these, as soon as one finds time. Once, the child starts going to school, part time jobs come very handy. As the child grows up and stay at home parent can have more time to professional life,  look for the available and suitable opportunities.

This workforce , which want to have a second innings has not got their due. Some IT companies, have taken an initiative to offer jobs to the second innings women. These are the people , who come out to work for the love of work. They are the best investment, any organisation can make. This is an untapped potential, which needs to be tapped. Little training to bring them back to work , compassion and understanding will help so many trained and enthusiastic human beings to utilize their talent.

Moreover, if such opportunities are in abundance , children will get their due of a great upbringing and mothers ( fathers in some cases) will also get their due as an individual. Organisations will get people, who value life and are enriched in experience. Its a win win situation for all.

Think about it!

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