Satvik 2018

December 25, 2018 3 Comments

SATVIK Traditional Food Festival by Srishti in Ahmedabad has reached an iconic status. It provides a platform to expose city dwellers to our traditional local rustic foods and allied organic products.

I have been a regular since I shifted to the city in 2013. Every year, its growing in terms of offerings and management.

I visited the Satvik Food Fest 2018, yesterday with my friend, Prabha. We reached around 12.30 and have plans to have our afternoon drink and lunch there.

The Ola cab took us there smoothly and saved us from parking hassles, though I was told that enough parking space has been assigned for the Satvik guests. Anyway, I like the cabs aggregators like Uber and Ola, which take us right upto the entrance. I am big fan of these services as they have really helped me to spread my wings with safe and speedy local transport without worrying about parking. 😊💜

After buying entry tickets of Rs. 40 each, we entered the venue to be welcomed by a coconut water vendor, selling at Rs. 20 while we get in city @ Rs.30. We by-passed him for kehwa by Vishwagram. A  clear concoction of kesar and elaichi with grated almond was too good. It was sold for Rs. 30 each. The golden colour drink gets all my vote.

Kashmiri  Kehwa

The youngsters managing the counter were locals. I enquired how come they have put up a banner of J & K. The young pleasing Gulal explained the work these young people are doing in J & K. The kitchen is handled by kashmiri, hence the authentic taste.

The Kehwa Shop

Warmed up with kehwa, we moved and found many interesting food items using traditional local grains and produce. We have shortlisted few eatables and then moved on to have a round of the mela.

The organic farm market for organic produce, honey, organic spices, cosmetics were huge hits. Some stalls of traditional prints of clothing were also seen.

The Organic Produce Market

I bought some clay utensils. The clay potters have reinvented and survived the China crockery onslaught. I bought clay cups and 2 bowls with Worli paintings. They have ceramic inner lining and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Clay Utensils Shop – Worli artist at work.

I had my evening tea in my new clay cups. The taste of tea has been enhanced with the aroma of mitti / clay.

After going around for about 2 hours and done with shopping, we came back to have lunch. We opted for raw turmeric vegetable and bajre ka rotla with ragi sheera. Seven grains  vada with garlic chutney and fries green chillies was the 2nd course of our lunch. There was so much to eat, but my stomach has its own limitation. My stomach was full and satisfied.

Bajre nu rolta, kachchi haldi sabzi and sheera
Me, Prabha and our local tasty rustic lunch 

We booked another uber and came back home.

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