SACRED – Senior Able Citizens for Re-Employment in Dignity.

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Though India is said to be a young nation as more than 75% of its citizens are under 40 years of age, we have a good number of healthy senior citizens who are considered sacred. Senior citizens are those who have crossed 60 years of age, which is the retirement age in most government and private jobs. Many state governments retire their employees by the age of 58 years.

With better healthcare and awareness about maintaining a healthy life style , most of the elderly population is in good health and active. They have a great storehouse of experience and knowledge but no opportunities to use them in our country. Being busy keeps one in good health. In western countries, the social set up is such that the elderly donot mind taking any kind of work and there are ample opportunities to choose from. While this is not the case in our country. There are almost no takers for senior citizens. This is sheer wastage of so much of talent and knowledge.

In a survey, done on the behest of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, it’s found that 50% of senior citizenes are active, and enthusiastic. The government has decided to create a platform to help them restart a second innings with dignity and safely. The IT Industry and the central government has collaborated and launched a portal named SACRED Senior Citizen Job Portal 2021 . I have announced this news on my youtube channel a month ago. You may check out the video here.

SACRED – Senior Able Citizens for Re-Employment in Dignity

The portal is going to work as a staffing resource website where the senior citizen job seeker can post their requirements and the employer can search for their employees.

Features of SACRED Job Portal

The mission of this portal is to bring back the seniors to be employed gainfully. The government has already invested 10 crores for the betterment of the portal with an annual maintainance budget of 2 crores.
The population of senior citizens is increasing. In 1957, the senior citizens were 1.9 crores and now in 2021 we have 13.76 crores senior citizens. Being busy keeps one healthy and happy. If there is nothing to look forward every day, the depression sets in. Many seniors still want to work after retirement. There can be many reasons. It may or may not be financial. But since India does not have a robust system of social security in place, this is a very welcome move. In the earlier times, the elderlies have respect and a place of respect in the family but slowely this is changing. Now a days, one finds out many instances where elderly parents with no personal income or savings have been tortured or even thrown out from the homes. Financial security empowers every one.

But in India, we do not have any platform where a senior citizen can get connected with the oppotunities.
This portal SACRED is a great start by the government of India . It will help our elders to have a safe second innings.
Scope of the SACRED Senior Citizen Job Portal
On this platform the employees and employers can get connect in a verified manner.
A job seeker senior citizen can upload their past job’s data, their qualifications, their extra curriculum activities, their physical ability, etc. They can choose their prefered job profile on the portal. It will give a clear picture to the job provider who can easily comprehend the employee’s requirements.
Here the job providers can put their requirements and openings also. The employer either an individual or a firm or company need to register themselves on the portal before putting up jobs.
There are voluntary agencies that will govern the total process.

This portal will also guide the senior citizens to reskill if need be and the authorized agencies from where they can re-skill.
Through this portal, government is trying to create a safe medium between the employees and employers.

SACRED Portal New User Registration Process – The portal is easy to use and self explanatory. You need to create a profile and then follow the easy steps to register and the kind of jobs you are looking for.

To know more, please log in to the portal

As of now, it is open to three states – Bihar, Maharashtra and UP with cities – NOIDA, Nagpur and Patna. The skills listed are IT and management. But with time, more states and cities will be added. So, keep checking regularly to know about your requirements

I appreciate this beginning from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. This is the first step of empowerment. Being busy and sharing knowledge adds on positivity and happiness. We as society will be happier when all the stackholders are happy and satisfied with their life.


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30 thoughts on “SACRED – Senior Able Citizens for Re-Employment in Dignity.”

  1. I didn’t know about the job portal for senior citizens. Thanks for sharing about it so that more people can benefit.

  2. I really love this concept. Is this also benefitable for housewife who are senior and will to do something like we bloggers can get any job when we become senior citizen from Sacred.

  3. What an amazing concept SACRED offers! There is no doubt that even after sixty, people are well able to perform many tasks, and this coupled with their experience could make them continue to be valuable assets.

  4. I didn’t knew about this portal. I think it’s wonderful initiative for senior citizens. Glad that you shared this.

  5. I didn’t know of such a portal. I agree that today with improved healthcare and overall better living standards, the elderly are in a mindset to contribute further. Thanks for the post!

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