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December 31, 2018 2 Comments

Every new year brings in the festive fervour all around social media, print media and actual social interactions about the “new year resolutions”. After few days , a new paradigm is heard – “promises and resolutions are made to be broken”. I am on “no resolution” resolution 🙂 this year but will definitely list some annual goals. Afterall, life has to be lead and not followed, just like that.

Most of the resolutions these days are about weight loss or being fitter or eating healthy. Most of these come from people in middle age. It’s said that forty is the new twenty. So, people want to have the bodies of 20s in 40s, hence the resolutions of weight loss and allied subjects. Youth is very vocal about resolution as they have the energy and dreams to move ahead. My best wishes to each one of the resolution maker. Let each of you have a concrete plan to achieve your resolution. Amen.

My earlier resolutions in recent years have all gone phut. Few years ago, I was resoluting to lose weight. I started with a resolution of losing 2 kg every month (which is a very reasonable target) till I lose 10 kg and reach my ideal weight of 50 kg. I end up gaining 2 kg every month. 🙁  Though not a foodie, my mind gets activated in the opposite direction the moment, a specific target is given to it. It’s my mind’s trait to move in the opposite direction. I have realised this after many failed resolutions.

If I had resolved for controlling my sweets intake, my mind will work enthusiastically, the moment it sees any sweet. If I resolve for curbing my buying sprees, with an overactive mind, I will come home with bags full of unwanted goodies. If I have made a resolution about making morning walks a must everyday, I will sleep till 8am, though I am an early riser otherwise. 🙂


So, this year I have resolved not to resolve. But that does not mean , I have no plans for my growth as a person.

  1. My fitness goal is not about losing weight or having size 0, it’s about walking comfortably in my stilettos and be comfortable in my skin. A regular medical checkup ( an essential exercise after 50 yrs to know if all the parts are properly oiled and in good working condition 😛 ) and maintaining a light exercise routine which takes me out of home and have good round of gupbazi with fellow evening strollers. This year I plan to go to Kailash Mansarovar, I would like to increase my endurance and stamina.
  2. I have been taking it easy and a bit lethargic in interacting with my extended family. Taking each other for granted takes out the warmth of relationships. From this year onwards, I am planning to have an extended family get-together  so that all of us can meet at least once a year.

    I love to travel by road.
  3. I stay in the hot western part of India ( Ahmedabad) which has 10 hot months of the year. Due to hot weather, going out on short trips is not enjoyable. In 2019, out of 60 cool days of the year, I plan to go out on road trip for approximately 30 days.
  4. I have never ever given a thought in recent times to upgrade my experiences. So engrossed and busy in tackling which life threw at myself, I now have time to think about this aspect of life. With so much resources open and available online , it’s really easy to learn new things. Dancing is one skill, which I had in my student life but now a lost one. “Dance with Madhuri” is a great platform to learn dance at home , at own pace and place. This year, I will subscribe to this platform. Kathak dance fascinated me a lot.I hope to start on this dance form. 
  5.  Badminton fascinates me. I hope to go back to the courts this year. I was a university champ in badminton in my student days.
  6. I will make an effort to  seasonal and local food preferably is an added goal after listening and reading Rujuta Diwekar. 
  7. I have recently started my blog . I would be devoting more time in writing for it. Photography is another interest, which needs my attention. I will try to give more time to myself this year.

    38480221_10156037424894011_5980167112667168768_n (1)
    My small box camera is my best friend. Though with excellent cameras in phone, I am in love with its results.
  8. I will  be soft on myself and not judgmental about others. I will smile a lot and make life simple and uncomplicated.

For me, these are enough goals to accomodate in my life as of now.

Pictures are from Google search.No claims on them.


2 thoughts on “Resolution / No Resolution for 2019”

  1. Enjoyed reading your no-resolutions a lot. I’ve been very fond of playing badminton as well, though didn’t pick up racket since ages. And you’re looking enviably fit in your photos ! <3

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