Princess Lhea & Her Human family

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Me with my Dad!

Hey there, I am princess Lhea and I am sharing my home with my human, Mr AK. AK is my dad. He calls me princess Lhea.
As the sun rises and the birds start chirping, dad’s alarm rings. I have yet to understand, why dad needs an alarm to get up. I do not need any and I get up almost at the same time every day unless I am not well. Sometimes when dad does not get up in time, I wonder, “What’s going on here?”. “Has the world gone mad? Why is my morning walk partner sleeping so late?”
As the minutes tick by, I become more and more confused and restless. I nudge him, hoping to wake them up, but sometimes to no avail. He just grunts and rolls over, still deep in slumber.
This is the time, I start to panic. “What if they never wake up?”
“What if this is the end of our morning walks and belly rubs? What will I do without my person?”
But then, just as I was about to lose all hope, he finally stirs. Dad stretches and rubs his eyes, then sits up in bed. I can hardly contain my excitement. I bark and jump and spin in circles, overjoyed to see dad back to their normal self.

Every morning, as dad begins to lather up the toothbrush, I feel a sense of dread washes over me. I know what’s coming next: the loud, obnoxious scraping sound that pierces my delicate canine ears.
As dad brings the toothbrush to his mouth, I wince and cover my ears with my paws.

It is me, Princess Lhea!

“Why does he has to do this to me?”
But it’s no use. The sound continues, getting louder and more obnoxious with each passing second. I whimper and try to escape, but there’s nowhere to go. They’re trapped in the bathroom with this torture device. And I am trapped in the house as the exit door is locked.
Finally, mercifully, the sound stops. Dad rinses his mouth and the dog lets out a sigh of relief.
“That was close.”
I was just speaking to myself.
But just as I begin to relax, dad reaches for his floss. And, my eyes widen in horror. “No! Not that too!” “How much more can my poor ears take?”
And so it goes, every morning, without fail.

As dad gets dressed and ready for the day, I follow him around, wagging my tail. Many times, I can hardly believe that everything is back to normal. You know, I never want to miss my morning outings. I meet my friends there. Handsome Tommy, beautiful Johny, little Moti. I just love to play with them. Let me tell you a secret. My dad has also made friends with my friends’ dads. As we play, dads have their round of conversations.

Every morning, as we both come back home, dad removes my leash and goes straight to the kitchen to prepare his tea or coffee, and every day I watch the process in awe. I can hardly believe that my person has the ability to consume such a strange, bitter-smelling liquid. “What is this sorcery?” I keep thinking, keeping my chin on my paws.
But it’s not just the tea or coffee that confounds me. It’s the way the dad drinks it- slowly, savouring each sip like they’re actually enjoying it. Now, I can hardly understand this. “Why would anyone want to drink something that smells so awful?”

And then eating three meals a day? How do they even have room for all that food? I eat two meals a day. Many of my friends are happy with one big meal a day.
As my human family ( dad, mom and siblings) sit down to eat their breakfast, lunch, and dinner, before giving me my meal, I watch hungrily. I can’t help but drool as the delicious smells wafting all around. I start to dream of all the scraps that will come to my plate. And I start imagining a never-ending feast.

But on most days, I realize that my hopes were unfounded. The scraps are few and far between. These humans never seem to finish their food. I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. “Why do they waste so much food?”  Are they not aware of sustainable living? They should think about it and then flaunt it on IG and Facebook. I heard that they have made my account there and I have a great following there.
And so the day goes, filled with strange, bitter drinks and mysterious, plentiful meals. I will never understand their habits, but I am just happy to be by their side.
After dinner and the night time dreadful ritual of brushing the teeth, it is time to go to bed.
As dad or mommy turns off the lights and crawls into bed, I can hardly contain their excitement. This is my favourite time of day: bedtime!

I love nothing more than curling up next to my human siblings and falling asleep. But as I jump up onto the bed, I can’t help but feel a twinge of guilt. I know I am not supposed to be there on the bed, but I just can’t resist the comfort of the soft, warm mattress. If someday, dad or momma see me sleeping on the bed, they will feel bad.
But as I snuggle up next to my siblings, I can’t help but think about how lucky I am.
“Life is good”.
But you know, on many days, just as I am drifting off to sleep, my sis rolls over and grumbles. “Get off the bed, Lhea,” she will say. “You’re not supposed to be up here.”
My eyes widen in shock. “What? But I thought this was my bed too!” I said. “How can you kick me off just because I have fur and a tail?”
Despite this disappointment, I obediently jump off the bed and retreat to my own bed. I feel a little hurt, but I know that my person is just trying to follow the rules.
And so the night goes, filled with dreams of belly rubs and soft beds. I know, I may not always be allowed on the bed, but my family always love me…..


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