Perks of Golden Years.

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Retirement years are also called golden years. Getting older has its own perks. With age, the learnings from life, which we call “crystallized intelligence” get better with time. It keeps getting better as you enter your 60s, 70s… 80s. So, you become a “Ms. / Mr. Knowall. Enjoy the new status! But remember unwanted advice is never welcomed.:P

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One gets more agreeable with age which is visible through the sixties. This results in being less inclined to get angry and happier. The experiences of life taught one to have better control over emotions and focus more on how to make the most of life. 


If you had been troubled by migraine all through your life, getting old brings a piece of good news. It has been observed that once you hit the seventies, those migraine attacks may go away. 

Doing some fun job after retirement is a good decision. It has been proven by research that besides a good spouse and good friends, a good job is essential to keep one maintaining good mental and physical health.

perks of golden years

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Self-esteem increases with rise in position, earning, health and status. It takes a dip at the time of retirement. It is because one has to search for a new purpose in life. With increasing life spans and a healthier lifestyle, it is advisable to search for some activity that may give you joy. It keeps you energized every day which results in a positive outlook on life. 

Do you know that the longer you are alive, the gaps between the bones of the spine decrease due to gravity? The vertebrae come closer and your height may be decreased by 1 inch as you grow older. 🙂

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