On the other side of fence!

May 3, 2013 2 Comments


It has been almost a month, since we have been away from the mainstream of being busy working for others.

The first three weeks were busy in arranging and attending a family wedding. So, it was all fun and no pain kind of time. Remaining 10 days were spent exploring the fun of relaxation and togetherness. No fixed sleeping time  as there was no need to get up early. Life without any plans is a great way of keeping one’s nerves relaxed. Spending time together in doing things which one wanted to do since long but could not do because of a busy routine of travelling to and fro office. Going for long walks or long drives at any time of the day. Earlier , it used to be weekend, when whole city is out on roads. Now, its weekdays with comparatively lesser crowds and  more enjoyment .

retirement 1

Planning for our new retirement abode is the favourite project. It will keep us busy for an year. Since its in a city other than where we are dwelling at present, we are looking eagerly for the change.

Being on the other side of fence, I can see how much people miss the actual life. Its more of a running after life kind of scenario. Why do people say, life begins at 40?


Life actually starts when one starts working towards own self. I am enjoying my new found freedom .

In cricket, they say “retired hurt” but actually retirement is not “hurt” but a great balm to the nerves, heart and mind.

It’s from the perspective of the retired person. This may not be as hunky dory for the family members ( read better-half) . Another post on the fears of retirement from “her” perspective coming soon.



2 thoughts on “On the other side of fence!”

  1. wow bhabi i enjoyed reading your blog and completely empathise with you since i am also in the space now.right now i wonder why did we run about so much and to what end.how is youe home coming along and when do you plan to shift

  2. i loexpressing the sentimente your title the other side of the fence…in fact there is a story i read …m

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