Of Marriages and Madness

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“Of Marriages and Madness”, written by Sacheth is a collection of eight stories. The stories appear to be as real and near as if happening in the neighbourhood. The author has recorded the contemporary reactions and understanding of relationships between married couples.

Language is simple and easily understandable. The stories have a steady flow of scenes and events, which the reader can easily imagine and feel like being part of the story. The stories are contemporary and will appeal to young couples. They are about the challenges husband and wife face in their relationships to hold on to or leave. The book highlights the most common problems faced by couples in marriage like the lack of communication, compatibility or adjustment. Sacheth explores myriads of probable situations that one may face in married life involving obligation, compromise, compulsion, unwillingness to continue etc. As a deft weaver, he has captured the intricacies and fragilities of relationships. 

Every story has a message like respect in a relationship, making valid efforts to hold on to the relationship, responsibility and much more. I would like to mention about two stories which highlight the most common relationship issues. 

In one of the stories, he has taken a very relevant problem where the husband tries to control everything without being considerate towards the wife. The wife’s strong reaction against the husband’s behaviour is a reminder to treat marriage as a union of equals. It has nothing to do with – I earn, you don’t. This story has depicted a situation that many wives face a number of times in their married life. (A settling of Accounts)

In another story, the incompatible couple has worked on their personalities to make the marriage work, We need more stories like this in these times. As I was going through the story, I thought they are heading for separation. It was a pleasant surprise to see that both took efforts to save the relationship. This is a great message in these times when the number of couples seeking divorce and blaming it on incompatibility is exponentially increasing. Breaking relationships has become a norm these days and it is sad. This (The Spark) is the story of hope!

It has tried to unravel the mysteries of married life and caution people about what to expect in life after taking the plunge. The best learning from this book is that there is no perfect spouse and there are no perfect families. It’s all about how one handles the difference in opinions in their life. 

I am unable to make connections with some of the characters and the reason is purely my being from the old school. After all, I have been on the planet for more than 5 decades. But this book has given me an insight into how the changes in society have affected human relationships. 

I would recommend this book to those yet to take the plunge or have already dived into it. (Young couples) Overall a good read and it may help someone out there to deal with marriage-related stress. 🙂 

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My ratings – 4/5

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