My dad is “E-shopping” fan :)

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Today when my 86+ years old father asked me to show him some designs of jackets on “MYNTRA” as there is a new sale shout out in their TV advertisement, I knew internet has found a new fan in my dad. Now this is what I call the success of internet and online shopping.  :). Like a pro, he just took 20 minutes and ordered four jackets and sweaters.


This  was not his first tryst with E-commerce platforms. This November, when he came back from Roorkee, I ordered his shaving and toiletries requirements  from “Amazon” as I could not find the brands which he uses from local nearby outlets. Since I am a prime member of Amazon, his things come the next day and he was super excited to have them delivered so fast. I even got his favourite annual calendar “Kalnirnay” from “Amazon” and he was pleasantly amazed. “Amazon” has really become “papa ki apni dukaan” .

His first online shopping was a pair of sports shoes from “Snapdeal”  last year. He is a voracious television watcher and hence always updated on all the recent trends and offers. Actually, he is the only one in the household who justifies the DTH payment. He took fancy to one pair of sports shoes which he saw in a television advertisement and we could not find it in local shops even after few rounds . I searched online it and found it on “Snapdeal”. At first he was apprehensive to order a shoe without trying it. Since it was a discount sale and with almost 75 % discount on this pair of shoes, it was so reasonable that he ordered it in a jiffy. I still remember his happiness and excitement when he got those shoes and to his amazement they were perfect in size. It’s rightly said in Hindi ” “बच्चा बुढ्ढा एक समान” .

snpOnline shopping is definitely convenient as it saves time, traffic jams and shops hopping. I find it great fun to browse through innumerable items without leaving my home. I was a loner shopper in the pre e-commerce shopping time too. Going out alone to shop or even to movie were the activities I used to enjoy a lot. No, it’s not that I do not have friends. I always have a very close group of friends but I am my own friend too and I really enjoy my company a lot. When one is with own-self, one gives importance to own opinion and choices. They are not influenced by any of the close friends or family and they are the most right choices.

The kind of life young working people are leading, cities traffic woes and unlimited choices offered by e-commerce websites, they are definitely be the “shopper’s stop” for all their shopping needs.

E-commerce is here to stay and stay for a long time!!!






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