Mastering the Art of Triangular Reading: A Reader, Reviewer, and Writer’s Guide

October 11, 2023 2 Comments

Reading is a multi-faceted experience, and how you approach a text can vary significantly depending on your role: reader, reviewer, or writer. Each perspective offers unique insights and challenges, making the act of reading a dynamic and evolving process. In this blog post, I will share how I read effectively and derive maximum value from my reading experiences in these different roles.

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Reading as a Reader

As a reader, I primarily use it for enjoyment and personal connection to the text. Here’s how I enhance my reading experience in this role.

Immerse Myself: After a hectic day, I retreat to my little haven of books – a cosy reading nook. With a steaming cup of my favourite masala chai, I lose myself in the pages of my latest read. The world around me fades away as I immerse myself in the story, and the characters come to life in my mind’s eye. It’s a peaceful and rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Read Broadly: I don’t limit myself to any one genre or style. I explore various genres, from fiction to non-fiction, science fiction to romance. I believe that a diverse reading diet will help broaden my horizons and keep things fresh.

Discussion and Book Clubs: I have joined a few online book clubs and I discuss with my friends and fellow readers. Sharing my thoughts and hearing others’ perspectives can help in deepening my understanding of the text.

Writing Notes: I always keep a journal or make annotations in the book to capture my emotional responses, favourite quotes, and personal takeaways. This helps remember and engage with the text on a deeper level.

Reading as a Reviewer

Reviewing a book requires a more critical eye, as the goal is to evaluate and inform potential readers. Here is what I do to approach reading in this capacity:

Analyze Structure and Style: Pay attention to the author’s writing style, the book’s structure, and how well it serves the content. I look for strengths and weaknesses in the narrative and character development.

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Consider Themes and Motifs: Search through the book’s themes and motifs and how they contribute to the overall message. Consider the author’s intentions and how effectively they are conveyed.

Be Objective: I believe that while my personal preferences matter, I evaluate the book objectively. I recognize that what doesn’t appeal to me might resonate with someone else. A balanced review is more valuable.

Reading as a Writer

Writers can leverage reading as a tool to enhance their craft. Here’s how I  read  as a writer:

Analyze Craft: I carefully study the author’s craft. I pay attention to how they develop characters, build tension, and create vivid settings. Understanding these techniques can help to improve my own writing.

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Identify Inspiration: I look for elements that inspire me. It could be a unique writing style, a clever narrative structure, or the way the author handles a particular theme. I usually note down, which I find interesting, worth learning and emulating. Then I try to use this inspiration to fuel my creativity.

Take Notes: I keep a notebook where I jot down interesting phrases, quotes, or ideas. These serve as prompts for my own work.

Critique with Empathy: I believe that when reading critically, be constructive in criticism. Instead of tearing down a book, I identify what worked and what didn’t and consider how the issues I see can be avoided in my writing.

Reading is a versatile skill, and how you approach it depends on your role as a reader, reviewer, or writer. Each perspective brings its unique joys and challenges. As a reader, you can escape into different worlds. As a reviewer, you can help others make informed choices. As a writer, you can learn and grow from the work of others. By understanding these roles and adapting your reading habits accordingly, you can make the most of your literary journeys and continue to evolve as a well-rounded book enthusiast.

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Happy reading! Looking forward to your reading tips for all the three roles in comments.

Neerja Bhatnagar

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  1. Loved your point on analyzing the craft of the writer. That is something I love doing too. And pointing out when I talk to others about a book.

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