“Once Again” – Movie Review

April 17, 2021 0 Comments

Thanks to the OTT platforms, there is no dearth of the variety of  content available online.

I mostly scan Netflix or Prime in search of  some interesting movies. Today, I settled for ” Once Again” , a movie of 2018 starting Shefali Shah and Neeraj Kabi. Shefali is one of my favourites and this is the sole reason, I settled for this movie. I think I have never seen any movie of Neeraj Kabi. I love subtle and powerful acting of Sheifali and I must admit neither Shefali nor Kabi has disappointed me. It was directed by Kanwal Sethi. His eye for details impressed me. 
I am otherwise also, a very simple person to be pleased.

This is the love story of a widow Tara who runs an eatery and catering business (with her son) and a senior actor Amar.
Tara had lost her husband when her two children were very young. Her son was only two years old when the little one lost his father. She also has a daughter.
Amar also has a grown up daughter.

Amar’s meals were sent from Tara’s restaurant on a daily basis. (Why – I don’t understand. Why there is no running kitchen in Amar’s palatial home? Anyway, chalo chodo ji ).
A chance phone call turned into  a regular daily call affair. They enjoyed their daily conversation and it became a routine in no time to call daily at 10 PM. The conversation was mainly about their family affairs and giving and seeking suggestions to each other.
And then they decided to meet. They were meeting often till they were caught by the media and became a news. When a popular actor is involved, it has to be news.
Tara’s son was about to marry and got annoyed as he had to answer a number of questions about his mom’s relationship with a Amar.
But both the daughters of Tara and Amar were very understanding. They were able to acknowledge  the loneliness of their respective parent and were happy that they both are coming together.
The subtle romance between the two seniors was going places. They were going out. In one of the scenes, when Tara came to Amar’s home with the food, few persons from films were at home. Amar introduced Tara as someone who supplies his meals. Tara was hurt and upset.

Amar apologized about it and said, I was not sure what name to be given to this relationship?

Finally after Tara’s son wedding, Amar expressed his feelings not by saying I love you but … “Main tumhaari fiqr karna chahta hun, tumhaare saath jeewan bitana chahta hun… This moment make you skip your heartbeat.
Tara’s border wali cotton sarees with deep neck blouses were so elegant. Anyone who looks into Shefali’s eyes will definitely be lost .

This movie has given voice to the people who have lost their partners either by death or by mutual differences and have decided to separate. Though they are doing everything for their families but everyone looks for some company, where they are accepted as themselves and not mother or father.

The only negative in my view is the photography in dark, whether, it’s inside home, restaurant or elsewhere.

Either my eyesight is dwindling or I need to change to a bigger TV set to admire this new trend of photography. Anyway, I think this is my issue.

Regarding my rating, I will give 4.5/ 5 and recommend everyone to watch it for the way story unfolds, dialogues or want of them, when Shefali and Neeraj spoke through eyes. 🙂

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