The Journey of Life

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“Life is about the journey and not the destination.”
—–Ralph Emerson
The journey of life is filled with lessons, hardships, joys, heartaches, celebrations and some special moments. Every experience is a learning opportunity. They all are our co-traveler on this journey and take us to our destination.
As life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It is a journey of self discovery – there are moments of success and achievements when you feel being on the top and moments of sadness and despair when you face  failure and distress which take you down to the deep valleys of despair. This happens with every one.journey of life
How we react to the tough situations sets the tone of the journey. When the things do not go the way we want, we have two options –
  • We can accept the reality and let life pass by it.
  • We can make best use of the situation. Believe that the setbacks are temporary. Focus on the learnings from the situation. Thus come out stronger and wiser from the situation.

Time stops for no one and if we focus on all things negative, we might miss some of the beautiful and amazing things life has to offer. We can not go back in time. The best way to lead a life is to learn lessons which hard times and tough situations teach us. This will make us stronger to face the future.

According to Hinduism, the journey should be guided to achieve four folds – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

  • Dharma – To act virtuously and righteously. It means to act morally and ethically throughout  life. Hindu dharm believes that human beings are born in debt to the Gods, parents, teachers and other human beings for their blessings which should be repaid.
  • Artha – Hindus must work to gain wealth and prosperity but with in the bounds of moral and ethical grounds.
  • Kama – It refers to obtain enjoyment from life.
  • Moksha – Enlightenment. It’s the most difficult part to achieve in one life. It may take few life-times to attain moksha. It is the most important destination of life and once achieved, the soul is liberated from re-birth or re-incarnation.

I feel that religion provides its followers a set of goals to achieve in life, and in doing so, provides a meaning to each follower’s life. Without such guidance, one may conclude that it is ultimately meaningless. Therefore, for those individuals who feel that there is no meaning to life, a belief in a religious faith is all that is needed to change their minds.

I am in a stage where I have done with most of my earthly duties towards family and now when I analyse my life, I do not see much to regret. Yeah, few decisions here and there did not prove to be correct at the end, but at that point of time, they were the right thing to be done. After all, life does not come with ” How to live” guides. I do not contemplate on them much. I believe in letting go of things and expectations. This helps in being at peace with myself. I try to go by these rules as much as I can. In whatever little wisdom, I have, I find these rules have given me much of the cool quotient, which I carry with me. 😛

Happy journey !


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