Interior Designing – Changes Over Time!

November 13, 2021 2 Comments

Owning a home is the biggest goal and achievement of life, more so in India. I had made my first home in 1993 in Faridabad, an industrial town in Haryana, bordering New Delhi, the national capital of India. Faridabad comes under “NCR”( National Capital Region). It was a bungalow and those were the times when most of the homes were self-designed. The trend in those days in Faridabad was to get a house drawing made from the architect who do not have much patience to accommodate the clients’ weird ideas. they usually have a few fixed designs which they pass on to clients as – yeh hi chalta hai abhi to or yehi latest hai. We were referred to an architect by a few friends, who have already gone through the process. This gentleman has his designs ready for us when we met him on the fixed date and time. I am punctual to the seconds, a rare breed of Indians. 😛 All the designs which he shared were having a kitchen and living room in front and all the three bedrooms at the back. It was a three-tier design with a large lobby area in the center, which I liked as a play area for my two boys. I wanted a bedroom in front and a kitchen and two bedrooms at the back. He has his own logic which showed his male chauvinistic viewpoint. His view was that since ladies spend most of the time in kitchen, it becomes easy for them to see from the front window who is at the gate. Actually, he was promoting this thought as his concern about the comfort for the housewife. I did not fit in this and I told him very clearly that I spend only an hour and half in the kitchen in a day. I still manage my cooking with in 90 minutes in total even today. Anyway, he finally relented and we have one bedroom in front.

Once the house drawing was passed by the local authorities, construction began. In those times, there were not any interior designers who can help in creating your ideas in designing your home. These stubborn architects used to do somewhat designing. Since I have seen his ideas, I knew that I have to go about it on my own. Then started the scanning of interior design books, articles and life style magazines to look for the latest trends and designs. The process was cumbersome but I could make a grand happy home with all the efforts.

With time, things are improving and so is the interior designing market. Now with designing firms all around who have created user friendly tools with the help of technology that designing a home has become a child’s play. I would like to introduce WUDZO , an interior designers firm based in Bangalore.

WUDZO is a highly design focused and consumer friendly interior design firm founded in 2017. It is formed by a group of professionals to aim for the highest standards of design and transparency in operations. transparency and delivery on time was unheard of in this industry. But it resulted in high customer satisfaction and helped Wudzo to become one of the fastest growing design focused Interior  companies in Bangalore. Till date, they have successfully delivered more than 850 plus happy homes, all in DUE TIME.

Their OUT OF BOX design ideas delivered in a suitable budget without cutting corners on the design, while raising the oomph factor of any house has proven to be their winning strategy. At Wudzo, customer is in the centre of any action and hence to safeguard their interest they have even gone to the length of being Vertically Integrated – from wood to finish, so that no middleman or vendor can take the customer for a ride.

They have packages on offer with full details which you can check on their website. The process is very user friendly. As a first step, client need to fill an inquiey form on the website. It helps in scheduling a meeting with the designer and get a free estimate. As offer is accepted, you straight away meet the designer and the journey from dream to reality begins. The designers work to shape client’s ideas into real designs, followed by design approval and color selection. The fourth step is the production which is done at Wudzo owned 10000 sq ft production facility. All the material will be transported to home along with trained carpenters who will install everything in your home. Once you review and are satisfied, the Wudzo team handover the keys of the well designed premises to the owner.

Isn’t it like a dream? With all the struggle I had gone through in setting up my home in Faridabad, it looks like a cake walk designing. If you are a new home owner based in Bangalore, please do connect with WUDZO to have a smooth transition of your bare home to your dream palace !

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