Importance of Will

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Importance of Will
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Importance of Will. We all know, that how important it is to make a clearly worded will, so that after you are gone, your assets may be transferred to your legal heirs without any problems. Anyone can write his/her will without any legal support. It should be in simple language that clearly conveys the intentions of the writer. There are some online services too if you really need them. 

Let us see how to step by step method of writing the will & what is the importance of will..

  1. List out all information related to your assets and your wishes.
  2. The will can be typed or handwritten in legible handwriting. It should have the personal details, property details, family details, bequeath details, and details of both the witnesses. 
  3. It is better to write your will when you are mentally and physically fit. It should be written without any fear, force, undue influence, or coercion.
  4. Two witnesses should be invited to sign the will. Make sure, you sign in front of your witnesses. Every page should be signed. This becomes your legal will and is acceptable in the law of court. 
  5. The will may be registered with the court. 
  6. The witnesses should be reliable people. 

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