I am Becoming – Book Review

July 21, 2019 4 Comments

I had heard about Ms.Michelle Obama for the first time when Barack Obama took over as president of USA. As the first lady of USA, she can be seen and heard a lot. It’s here I have started following news about her for I found her behavior very graceful and matured. I started appreciating her more as she had lived by example during her tenure in White House. Her concern about the health of young generation of USA and introducing simple and effective solutions which included growing healthy organic food in White House involving local young children has impressed me.

For eight years, when she was first lady of US and later too, I found her genuinely concerned about her people.

So, when her autobiography “I Am Becoming” was published and was available on Amazon, I bought it to know more about her.

It took me a long time to finish it. I had finished it very recently. The book is an insight into her life, her grit, her hardwork, her strong desire to rise and shine and the efforts she has made to achieve.

With a very ordinary beginning, getting into prestigious Ivy league university on her merit and working hard to rise. Her concerns about Afro-Americans and her efforts to bring them into mainstream is commendable.

A peek into their love story, the journey as parents and as the President and First lady made it an interesting read.

What impressed me is the Obamas’ humbleness, genuineness and their efforts to let their daughters lead a normal life as much possible. It’s in total contrast of our Indian politicians where the offsprings are ever ready to misuse the powers of their political relatives.

The language is simple, lucid and the narrative is effective as it creates the story , scene by scene.

The most interesting portion of the book is in the end, where she had shared photographs from her childhood to the latest years.

The book also gives a picture of the aspirations, relationships and living standards of Americans. The mutual respects between parents and growing up children is worth admiration.

600 + pages to have a peekaboo into Michelle Obama’s life makes an interesting and motivational read. Her journey from a shy little girl to strong, fearless and confident women who speaks her mind will definitely help youngsters world over to dream and achieve it too.

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