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Be happy as you age!

Remember the time, when you were growing up to be a young adult. That was the peak of happiness as adulthood in those times is a road towards independence. Usually, it is seen that while growing up towards old adulthood, people think that it is like going downhill. Surprisingly the research suggests a completely different story. Childhood is the happiest stage of life. As we age, our happiness actually descends in midlife. This is usually attributed to career stress and increasing family responsibilities. But as one turns into a senior, this is the time, when most of the social responsibilities are over. Now is the time to enjoy the freedom. The only way to have a happy retirement is that one should adopt happiness. It becomes difficult to handle so much free time after a hectic schedule for many seniors. 

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Let us explore, what it needs to be happy in this second innings?

Self-Acceptance – With age, it is seen, that people accept themselves as they are with a very realistic view. They are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses and no stress about self-improvement and show off. So, this is the time to relax. 

Not Pleasing Everyone – Whole life, people try to please spouses, parents, children, and friends. With age, one realizes the futility of pleasing everyone. This realization releases stress.

Live Life in the Present – It is good to live in the present. You do not need to plan further in the future. It is an easy life. By this age, mostly the things of the past have often been accepted or sorted out. Future is also no longer a distant thing to look forward to or fear or prepare for. 

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Do Not Take Life For Granted -As an old adult, one understands that there is nothing more important than our basic joy. As one reaches the sixties and beyond, it is easily realized that life is really short and one should be grateful for every day.

Gaining Wisdom – The trials and experiences of life enrich the people who have come this far and they now have the wisdom to handle all kinds of obstacles. This wisdom accumulated over the years has equipped them with some mastery and skills to cope with the challenges life throws.

Physical Self Care – It is always a good strategy to give first priority to health and self-care. A major factor to be happy is good health. To maintain good health, sleep well, eat well, socialize, exercise, and get some sun. 

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These habits promote well-being and happiness, no matter what health challenges come across.  Taking the time to do good things for yourself is a proven mood enhancer and taking care of our bodies well can help keep us in good spirits.



Start adopting the above skills and attitudes with age, it will turn your retirement years into happy times. Every age group has its own challenges and so is old age. Nevertheless, this is also the time to use all life’s learnings to your advantage and shine. 

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