G – Gadgets for Seniors. 

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In today’s post, I will be talking about few gadgets that are very useful for seniors in keeping them connected with their family and friends. Communication is vital for every one and more so for elders. Technology solves issues and there are many gadgets that help seniors live independently and confidently. Let us explore some gadgets needed for a smooth connection with loved ones, who are far away from us. Technological advancement has led to the development of gadgets that can help people maintain a connection with faraway loved ones. Undoubtedly technology has enabled us to connect with anybody across the globe with ease and convenience. 

G - gadgets

The simplest gadget is our humble smartphone. One can use it to connect with friends and family through WhatsApp video calls, messages, or audio calls. This can be used to attend any kind of classes, learning sessions, and even long distance weddings. Check out for latest mobile phones here.

Another new gadget that is becoming popular with seniors is Echo Show. It is a multi-functional smart gadget with built-in Alexa, a blue tooth speaker, and a large screen. Large if compared with mobile and very small (5.5 inches) if you compare it with your 55 inch TV. 🙂 It can be operated by voice. One feels there is someone who listens to you. 🙂 It understands both Hindi & English.

It has a collection of millions of songs and will play the songs as per your command. Isn’t it wonderful? Your personal entertainer! You can see the lyrics on the screen. So, if you want to sing along, you can. I would suggest, do it! You will feel happy and light-hearted after singing your heart out. You can even watch your favourite movies and shows from Amazon Prime and Netflix. 

Another task which it does is remote monitoring of your home. 

As you will be learning to use technology with Echo Show at home, soon you can set up smart lights, plugs, or cameras with it and control your appliances with voice. 

You can connect with your friends and family who have the Alexa app or Echo Show devices on a video call. There is an interesting feature – “Drop in to check on your grandchildren or parents. Your children or grand children can check for your safety from their place too. This is a smart security feature.

Alexa will set the timers or reminders as per your commands.

The best part of this device is that it protects your privacy as it comes with a mic and a camera off button.

You can call friends and family who have the Alexa app or Echo Show devices. Use the 2 MP camera to use the drop-in feature to check on your kids or parents – just like an intercom.

It will help you manage your day better by just ask Alexa to set reminders and timers. Also, you can watch the latest news or get weather updates while you are rushing through your daily chores.


You can access the camera of your Echo Show devices to monitor your home remotely on your Alexa app or on other Echo Show devices. Echo Show devices support video calls to other Echo Show devices and phones with the Alexa app .

if you want to converse in Hindi, you will be delighted to know that Alexa can understand Hindi too. You can change your device language to English/हिन्दी via the Language options inside the Device settings on the Alexa App.

Echo Show is a multi-functional smart gadget with an in-built Alexa, Bluetooth speaker, and a large screen. This user-friendly device can be used to make video calls to family & friends and help you stay connected. What is also fascinating about this gadget is that it can take your command in English, as well as in the Hindi language. It has hands-free music control with a personal entertainment space. You can monitor your home remotely & smartly control your home appliances using just your voice for security .

This post is in continuation with my earlier posts of “Seconds Innings”. I have taken this challenge of writing everyday in April. Here I am writing about topics of interest for senior citizens. You can check other related posts here.

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