Rising Above FAILURE

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What is failure? As per Wikipedia, Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective. It may be viewed as the opposite of success. All of us must have faced failure at some or the other point of time. Handling a failure is a major life skill.

These days, news paper is overloaded with suicide incidents. Most of these cases can be prevented, if they have been taught to handle failure and use it as a step to success by analysing the reasons for failure.

With competitiveness in every stage and every field of life, the failure is seen as more like a crime. Show off on social media is also has a role to play. I have seen parents of children as young as two years of age shouting at their children when they failed in their class exam / activities ( yes, they do have some kind of testing 🙁 ) or not able to do an activity which most of the children in the group are doing. Parents generally take this as their own failures. This is how the seed of “failure is bad” is ingrained in young minds and  conditioned to believe that failure is bad.

Once, “failure is bad” has been ingrained,  the next consequence is the “fear of failure”. It will result in not trying anything new and not be able to come out of the comfort zone to achieve something new. This will restrict the efforts and dreams too.

Failure should not be taken as an end. Actually It is a learning and a new beginning. One must scrutanize the reasons and conditions which might have obstacled in getting the desired results. It is not a step backward but a stepping stone to success. Analysis of failure gives clarity about  mistakes and this will remain as a lifelong learning.

Let me tell you a story about King Bruce and the spider, which I am sure every one of you must have read atleast once in your life. Kingdom of King Bruce was attacked and he suffered  huge losses. King Bruce lost his kingdom. Not one to be deterred by this failure, he again organized a huge army and fought bravely only to lose again. He fought eight battles and lost all of them. After losing eighth time, he was dejected and disheartedend and was hiding in a cave. Inside the cave, he saw a spider who was trying to build a web. At a certain point, it was falling down and not able to join the web. The spider could finally manage the task in it’s 21st attempt. He thought, if a spider can try so many times and finish the task at hand, so can he. He started organizing the army again and finally won his kingdom.

Repeated efforts lead to success. Life ia a long journey and there will be many instances where one may fails. This should not be disheartening but should actually be taken as a step to success. Analysing the failure is a great life skill and should be taught to children at the earliest, so that they are capable of handling setbacks in life and coming out of them with renewed zeal to face life afresh.

In Science and research, failure is never taken as a negative trait. It’s the stepping stone to success. Though scientists do get dishearten and upset but the analysis of  failure help them to become successful eventually. Who can forget the moment of ISRO head Dr. Sivan breaking down when the lander Vikram failed to land on moon in the last few seconds of it’s journey.

Who doesn’t know about Thomas Alva Edison? He failed more than1000 times before finally inventing filament bulb. When asked about his failures, he said – i do not see them as failures but I have found thousand ways of not making the filament bulb.

We can find innumerable stories of  failures turning into success stories.

These days, the number of suicides in students and adults are seen to be on rise. Many of them were stressed and failed at some thing. The skill of handling failure will be helpful in dealing failure in love, business, school or college exams and going through any tough situation in life. 

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