Driving Through A Rainy Day!

July 5, 2023 4 Comments

Driving through rain!
Be the Driver of your life! Rain or no rain!

I generally avoid driving out in the rain, given the increasing news of road washouts and severe waterlogging. However, on that particular day, something was enticing about the rain. It whispered promises of hidden beauty and adventure. Despite my reservations, I succumbed to its allure, cautiously venturing out into the rain-soaked world, hoping to discover a new side of nature’s captivating embrace.
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I was driving through heavy rains when the world outside my car transformed into a blurry watercolour painting. Each raindrop raced against the windshield, creating a mesmerizing dance of light and movement. The wipers struggled to keep up with the deluge, swishing back and forth in a frantic attempt to clear my view.

As a woman of around 60 years, I had experienced countless storms throughout my life. But there was something different about this one. It carried a certain air of both danger and mystery, beckoning me to venture further into its watery embrace.

The sound of rain on the roof was a symphony of nature’s orchestra, drumming against the metal shell that protected me from the elements. The rhythm matched the beat of my heart, a steady cadence of resilience and determination.

As the rain continued to pour, my thoughts travelled back in time. I reminisced about the journeys I had embarked on, the roads I had travelled, and the storms I had weathered. Each raindrop was a reminder of the tears shed and the hardships overcome, making me appreciate the strength that had carried me through life’s trials.

The downpour had a way of amplifying my senses. The smell of petrichor wafted through the air, filling the car with a nostalgic fragrance that awakened memories long forgotten. The raindrops formed intricate patterns on the windows like miniature rivers racing to reach their destination.

Despite the challenging conditions, there was a sense of tranquillity that washed over me. The heaviness of the rain seemed to cleanse my worries as if each droplet carried away the weight of the world. In the solitude of the car, I found solace, appreciating the beauty that nature could conjure even in its most tempestuous form.

As I continued my journey, my grip tightened on the steering wheel, a silent declaration of my determination to forge ahead. The rain served as a metaphor for the obstacles that life had thrown my way, reminding me that challenges were merely stepping stones on the path to growth and resilience.

Through the distorted windshield, I caught glimpses of other travellers, their headlights cutting through the rain like beacons of hope. Their presence reminded me that I was not alone in this vast world, that we were all interconnected, navigating our way through the storms that life presented.

And just as suddenly as it had begun, the rain began to ease, its intensity gradually subsiding. The grey clouds gave way to a faint glimmer of sunlight, casting a warm glow over the landscape. I watched as the rain-soaked earth began to drink in the water, nurturing the dormant seeds of life.

At that moment, I realized that the heavy rains I had driven through were not just a physical experience but a metaphorical one as well. They symbolized the challenges and adversities that life had bestowed upon me, and I had emerged stronger, wiser, and more resilient on the other side.

With a renewed sense of purpose, I continued my journey, knowing that no matter what storms lay ahead, I would face them head-on, armed with the wisdom and resilience that the rain had bestowed upon me. And as the road stretched out before me, I embraced the uncertainty, ready to embrace the next chapter of my life’s adventure, come rain or shine.

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How do you feel when driving in the rain? I often stop on the roadside “chai ki tapri” and have hot masala chai with hot dal vada or bhajia. Looking forward to seeing your experience. Please do share in the comments.

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