Date of the century : 11.11.11

November 11, 2011 0 Comments

Its 11.11.11 today. the date has been tipped as date of the century. Every year, there has to be a date which repeats after a century. Last year, it was 10.10.10. next year, it will be 12.12.12. To me it appears like any other day. I am looking forward to something unusually good to happen to me to make this date of special significance.

Let  me put my wish list, if by any chance, some one out there in heaven is seeking some choices to do something good for me.

1. Indian politicians think about the country, without thinking about their own gains.

2. Present system of reservation comes to an end. The reservation should be only for the people at the educational level depending upon the level of poverty and means and not based on the caste and creed.

3. All terrorist leaders have a change of heart. They leave the killings and terror activities and join the mainstream life of happiness and living.

4. World population becomes responsible enough to take care of the environment before it is too late.

5. The inflation comes down..more so the INR and $ relationship. Looking forward to a better world economics.

6.Better roads , clean water and lighted city for all Indian states. No more migration to cities.

7. Better relationships in families, extended families and friends in general.

8. I loose weight without much exercise :)!

9. I develop a taste for boiled vegetables and fresh fruits.

10 I dislike paaprichaat, chole -bhature, saag, makhkhan roti, fast food. or I donot get the calories from these foods. Now I will prefer the second option pls.

11.All around, people get their rightful due.

Now, this is all as of now. If this is done, life will be much better.

If any of the superpowers are scanning through the blogs,clouds etc, please have a look here and grant the wishes!

Looking for the magic! 🙂

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