Book Review – Unbroken by Indrani Mukerjea

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“Unbroken” by Indrani Mukerjea is a gripping memoir that takes readers on a rollercoaster journey through the author’s tumultuous life. Mukerjea bares her soul with remarkable candour, sharing some of the darkest secrets and most personal details of her life, demonstrating immense strength and courage.

The narrative traces her life from a traumatic childhood in Guwahati to her struggles in Kolkata and her experiences in Mumbai, offering a raw and unfiltered account of her ups and downs. Mukerjea’s ability to engage the reader is evident from the very beginning, making it hard to put the book down. (The fun of peeping into other’s life is something else :))

One of the standout aspects of the book is Mukerjea’s resilience, which shines through in her storytelling. Her writing is clear and crisp, although there are moments when her recollection of intricate details from years past seems astonishing ( and doubtful too). While the book delves deep into her personal experiences, it unfortunately leaves readers with an open-ended conclusion, lacking information about the current legal proceedings. which I think is justified as the matter is sub-judice.

Mukerjea’s memoir sheds light on crucial issues such as gender bias, societal stigmatization of ambitious women, and the disparities within the prison system. Her account offers readers a glimpse into life in an undertrial jail, including the clothing, food, and human rights issues faced by inmates.

The most heart-wrenching part of the book revolves around the tragic events in Mukerjea’s life, including her own rape by her own father and the alleged murder of her daughter. Her resilience and bravery in the face of such adversity are truly commendable. Her complex relationships with her husbands and children add depth to her story.

In “Unbroken,” Indrani Mukerjea’s narrative serves as a compelling reminder to carefully consider the terms and conditions before making life-altering decisions. It challenges readers to rethink their judgments about individuals involved in high-profile cases, urging them to seek the truth.

In “Unbroken,” Indrani Mukerjea presents a narrative where she often portrays herself as being in the right while casting doubt on the actions of others. This constant alignment of her character as the virtuous one can at times strain credibility. It leads one to contemplate whether it would be more fitting to categorize this book as a work of fiction rather than an autobiography, given the apparent twisting and embellishing of events throughout the narrative. While her story is undeniably gripping, the reader is left wondering where fact ends and fiction begins, making it a thought-provoking read from a unique perspective.

Despite some reservations about the author’s self-projection and explicit details, “Unbroken” remains a book that captivates from start to finish.

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My ratings – 3.7/5

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