Book Review – “The Blogchatter Book of Thrillers”

November 1, 2023 8 Comments

‘The Blogchatter Book of Thrillers.’ Ghosts, revenge, and eerie twists.

This anthology of fifteen thrilling stories curated by the Blogchatter community goes beyond conventional classifications, diving into a hallucinatory world where restless souls seek redemption, quests for justice and revenge play out, and love yearns to blossom amidst chilling tales.

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Story Summaries:

Against My Windowpane” by Rehana Sultana:
The traumatic impact of losing a patient haunts a young female doctor, exploring themes of death, grief, and ghostly memories.

The Last Rasam” by Anuradha Shetty:
Set in pre-independence India, this story spoke about the oppressive caste system of those times. It shows the dilemma of a mother who has poisoned her daughter to save her from exploitation at the hands of Sahukar. Heart-wrenching.

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“The Secrets of Nandini Rutuja” by Roma Gupta Sinha:
Exploring the transformation of a once lively girl into an aggressive recluse, with the story revolving around her isolation. The story ended in a very dramatic and unexpected way.

“Memory’s Missing Piece” by Kajal Kapur:
It involves a reporter who becomes pregnant after an attack, intriguingly addressing the how and why.

“What Tomorrow Holds” by Deepti Menon:
A modern take on Cinderella’s story, featuring a girl adopted by a household and a touch of retribution.

“The Encounter” by Chinmayee Sahu:
Revolves around an encounter that goes awry, with suspenseful events surrounding the deaths of two police officers.

“Fragments of Yesterday” by Huma Masood:
A story where a woman tries to recall her past after losing her memory in a fatal accident.

“The Fields” by Nirmiti Narain:
An unusual tale involving a scarecrow in love with a crow, coupled with supernatural elements.

“One Night” by Tarang Sinha:
It is centred on a narrative of contemplating suicide, taking an unexpected turn when a mysterious girl appears.

“The Dactyist” by Anushree Saha:
Explores a woman’s unusual hobby of collecting fingerprints, delving into darker themes.

“Black” by Alpna Das Sharma:
A poignant tale symbolizing the discrimination against women in India presented with powerful metaphors.

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“A husband’s guide to set a wife right” by Rahul Vishnoi:
A chilling story portraying the savagery of a husband’s control, leaving a disturbing impact.

“The Silver Anklet” by Harshita Nanda:
A supernatural story involving lost love and revenge, set in a dilapidated building on the banks of the Ganga.

“What Runs in Our Blood” by Roshan Radhakrishnan:
Interweaves the caste system and a quest for vengeance, with a British woman’s supernatural presence.

“Hartoli’s Duty” by Suchita Agarwal:
It is a metaphysical allegory where the duty of ferrying the dead takes a transformative turn for the guardian.

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Review Insights

I find the anthology’s strength in its diversity, emphasizing the thrilling nature of the stories, their social commentary, and the gripping writing style.

Highlights the standout stories: “Black,” “Hartoli’s Duty,” “One Night,” “The Silver Anklet,” and “The Fields,” appreciating the first-person narratives and their narrative complexity.

Applauds the book cover’s ability to evoke a spooky, chilling vibe that aligns with the anthology’s content and themes.

Suggests the anthology as an ideal read for both thriller enthusiasts and those seeking a spooky season treat, acknowledging the impact of each story on readers.

The anthology doesn’t just chill but also raises pertinent social themes, leaving readers contemplating the thin line between the human world and its darker, supernatural counterpart. The diversity and depth in the stories make this anthology a gripping and thought-provoking read for anyone intrigued by thrilling narratives.

I loved every story.

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Happy reading!

Neerja Bhatnagar

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  1. Loved the summaries you have written for each story. Thank you so much for the review and the shoutout ❤️

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