Book Review – “Memories of My Father” by Jayanthi K Manikandan

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This is the first book I downloaded from the Blogchatter e-Book carnival.

I knew it is going to be the most heartwarming book.  What else can come out of a loving daughter’s heart?

The book starts with his childhood days of the author’s appa and shows his struggle, hard work, foresightedness, and a strong commitment to his family. He has set high standards for his daughters and helped them achieve with smart planning. Smart planning is one of the best skills one can pass on to the next generation. 

As I was going from one page to the next, I felt as if I was reading about my childhood. My family has the same composition and I had spent all my life in Haryana and Chandigarh as my father was working for the Government of Haryana. How far yet so similar! My father was also so much involved in our studies and other life skills that he as a father deemed fit for us. I remember, he taught us swimming as young girls, that too in the conservative state of Haryana in the early seventies. 

Jayanthi, I enjoyed reading about the journey of growth of your appa, from a business family to becoming a proud bank officer. The way, the author has mentioned the smallest details about her father, anyone can make out the strength of will and character in the young lad. He had a heart of gold, as the loving daughter mentioned how he was helping people around him – 

“His last and youngest sister were 9 years apart and they shared a very special relationship. He taught his younger sister the importance of reading English books and English magazines (the limited English magazines that were available in those days) He always had a very sharp and keen eye and observed different things done by different people 8 and improved himself and improved the lives of people around him (this was the 1940s and remember, there was no TV and no Internet then – the radio, books, and newspapers were his only source of information)”

These lines clearly point out his keenness to improveIt upon his own life and the life of his loved ones. The author has mentioned in a number of places, how her papa was doing things differently. In these lines, one can see how innovative were his ways, in those days when the resources were limited and not so easily accessible. 

I think the internet or google generation of the present times may not be able to even imagine how information was shared at a snail’s pace in those days. It takes lots of hard work and patience to be aware of the latest happenings.

The planning documents which are shared in the book about the college education marvel at his commitment to educating his daughters. In those days such decisions and actions were taken only by strong dads. 

Jayanthi, this book is a true tribute to your Appa’s memories. I am sure, he is feeling so proud of you in the heavens. He may not be around you physically, but he is still your guardian angel. As they say, atma/ soul is all-pervading and never dies. 

You can download this beautiful memoir from here.

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