Book Review – Jasmine Build On Shifting Sands By Sanjay Desai

January 27, 2021 0 Comments

This book – “JASMINE BUILD ON SHIFTING SAND” is the story of self discovery of a young girl named Jasmine.

In the beginning, the realistic description about the travel to Kedarnath and the author’s conversation with his spiritual Guru Ma captivates the reader to the beauty of the travel, place and the divine relationship he had with his Guru Ma. Guru Ma Krishnanandgiri was a great influence on the author’s life. He has shared his valuable personal spiritual experiences too through this story. 


The Story – 

This is the journey of the self discovery of a young and academically brilliant collegiate who was about to embark on her professional journey but life has played a googly and introduced her to the world of fashion, which was new to her. The story is weaved through her failures, efforts, wrongs, agonies, jealousies  and finally rising above all negativities of life till she achieves her goals. 

Through the story of the protagonist Jasmine, the author has tried to share his life’s learnings about the deep relation between the universe, individual’s dreams, aims, action and manifestation of dream. The challenge is in staying focussed. 

Through the ups and downs in Jasmine’s life, the author has also demonstrated the importance of mentors and positive people in life and the life changing influence they have in one’s growth as an individual. The struggles of Jasmine and her way of handling them may resonate with many and guide others to remain positive and not be bogged down by circumstances. 

The Lessons – 

One will need a strong and sustained willpower to keep passion and driving force intact to reach the targets. The book reminds us to connect our dreams to the universe and see how the universe helps wholeheartedly when one becomes one with the action to achieve one’s goals. This is so much in sink with Shahrukh Khan’s popular film dialogue – अगर किसी चीज़ को दिल से चाहो तो पूरी कायनात तुम्हे उससे मिलाने मे लग जाती है। 

Importance of being a team player, a team leader’s quality and being a lifelong learner are virtues to be successful in life. 

One unexpected takeaway is to know about how much effort and thoughts  go into creating an advertisement. We generally look at the fashion industry as a glamorous and fun place. It’s much more than this. 

The easy to understand language and elaborate explanation made it an engrossing reading.

A must read for someone who is looking for self development and practical inputs. Set in the modern times, it will resonate with young and old alike. 

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