Being Independent in Golden Years

April 13, 2022 5 Comments

I promised myself to write 26 posts in April under the challenge, which I have accepted. The topic which I have opted for is about “second innings” of life that is the life after retirement. Life after retirement is totally a new ball game. It is like relearning the way to live. In this series under the hashtag ” Second Innings” in this blog, you will find the topics of concern for seniors. Now do not confuse these “seniors” with your college “seniors”. 🙂 Here I am speaking about everyone who has crossed sixty years and more on the planet.

being independent in golden years

It is seen that people lose their independence with age. The reason could be physical, financial, or mental.

It is a well-observed fact that, no matter how well one looks after one’s body, no one is immune to health conditions that come with growing old. This means one has to make plans for living an independent life after retirement. It is always a good idea to plan and act for old age years in the younger days to have a better life in the golden years. 

If we look around, we can see that health status of people vary. This could be due to genetics and how how much one has taken care of health in younger years. For example – if one’s family has history of diabetes chances are to be a diabetic at some stage of life. Or if you have symptom of a degenerative condition like parkinson or multiple sclerosis, ask the doctor about how age will affect your condition. This will help you determine how things will turn up with time. It developes a kind of acceptability which helps in handling the situation in a better way.

It is prudent to consider common concerns people experience with age. For example, older people need assistance with everyday tasks and activities of daily living. Always remember that you will not lose your independence by taking little helps here and there. 

It is a good idea to have house helps for jobs which tire you and are risky because of the age. For example, there is no point in cleaning the ceiling fans. It is a risky proposition if by any chance, you topple down and break few bones. Get help in such cases. 

If degenerative conditions and other age related health issues make it difficult to walk around the house, a walking stick, walker, or wheelchair will boost the mobility.  

Some general tips to maintain good health –

  1. The best way to stay fit is keep moving. An exercise schedule of atleast half an hour is good. Besides this, daily household activities of 20-30 minutes should also be done regularly. These days when gadgets like fitbit and alike are available at the click of a button, it is a good idea to own one and check your daily activity. It is a great motivator too. 🙂
  2. Mental activities are equally important. Find activities which are in sync with your interest and you will stick with the. Doing crossword puzzles, Sudoku or reading books. You can plan classes of /in the subject or skills you are well versed.
  3. There is no age for learning. Learn a new skill, which you always wanted to but could not due to busy life in younger age. 
  4. It is good to be social. If you have a wide network of friends, it is easier to be independent. Friends keep us young. 😛 
  5. Social media is also a good option to be connected with old friends, who are in different cities or countries. 
  6. Volunteering is another way of increasing social interactions. Helping others help one feel better and adds to feeling of well-being. Older adults have vast experience and insight that can benefit others.

See your doctor for he/she is your partner in good health and will suggest you age appropriate health screenings and vaccinations to stay healthy.

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