August 12, 2017. Yay…it’s my birthday!

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I love celebrations! I enjoy celebrating life! August 12 was my birthday and I enjoyed every moment of the day. Celebrating my being on the planet for more than five decades in good health calls for mega celebrations. I am not a party person but I enjoyed being pampered by the family. On the birthday, no one argues (read husband) and one can get away with all the nuisance or nonsense. It needs lots of creativity to test the patience of family 🙂 .

This year, after almost a decade, my son was here, so this day was special to me.

It was a day of no responsibilities. I was free to do anything but the routine household jobs. I love to go out and play badminton in the morning, which I did. Usually, I come back by 9.30 and have my glass of milk,(my breakfast) but today, when I came back, table was laid with delicious UP style breakfast of kachori, aaloo (potatoes curry) and jalebi (an Indian desert). Ah, it’s one of my favourite foods. Hell with the calories and it was fun!

A new dress always adds to the fun. I love straight and simple designs in natural fabric. Cotton and block prints is my favourite. Black coloured hand blocked cotton straight A-line midi was my gift to myself.

In the evening, we went out for dinner. I chose “1944”, a new fine dining restaurant by “Havemor”. I love their food. Though, their daal makhni and all paneer dishes are to die for, this time we opted for everything new.


The “hot pot soup” with “classic karari roomali” for starters. I was always fascinated by this grand roti whenever it’s served on other tables. This time, it was on mine table and so many diners have opted for this looking at my crispy, specially families with young children. It was fun to look at the eagerness with which children were waiting for their karari roomali. This was followed by sizzler. I am all for Indian flavours, hence opted for paneer sizzler, which has typical panjabi food flavours. The dinner was finished with divine chocolate sizzler. kuch meetha to banata hai !!20170810_204330

It’s always good to give sometimes to think about yourself, specially on one’s special day. I had lots of time at my hands and I used it to plan and design my days (years) ahead. Some action and some peace! My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive and to do it with some compassion, passion, humour and style. I enjoy everything which life throws at me – challenges, dullness, problems, boredom, work or relationships agonies.

God bless me and mine! Let peace prevail on the planet! Amen!

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