Apricot sweet

August 27, 2018 0 Comments

This is the onset of festive times in India. Even though  vast spectrum of sweets are available off the counter, there is no comparison of the home made sweets served with love. Here is a very easy and  tasty Indian ( not so common) sweet, which you can prepare a day or two before.

Apricot / khubani ka meetha  is a new sweet to me, which I had tasted for the first time at my sister’s place on my last visit to Roorkee, this July, ’18. A very easy to make recipe and “oh so tasty” sweet is the perfect case of sharing on the blog. I am avoiding the adjective “amazing” as this word is used so often and has lost its uniqueness. This sweet is really unique.

Khumani ka meetha has its origin in  Hyderabad cuisine. It’s made with a combination of apricot and custard in Hyderabad. I have used  rabadi ( thickened milk) instead of custard and it tasted awesome.


1. Dry Apricot – 300 gm

2. Full cream milk – 2 litre

3. Milk powder – 250 gm

4. Sugar – 2 table spoon or as per taste.


1. Soak the apricot in water for 2 hours. Water level should be at-least 1 inch above the apricots.

2. Take out seeds from the soft apricots. Keep them aside. You may break the seeds and use the inside soft “giri” to garnish the sweet.

3. Grind the soaked apricot with little water (if need be) to a smooth paste.

4. Take a wok, and add the apricot paste. Heat it on sim and let it thicken to the dripping consistency.

5. In another wok/ kadhai simmer the milk on low heat.

6. Once milk starts thickening, add the milk powder and keep stirring till it attains the thickness of milkmaid and pink colour. Our milk rabadi is ready.

7. Add sugar to taste.

8. In a bowl, add the milk rabadi. refrigerate it for 2-3 hours, till it’s upper layer hardens.

9. Now add the khubaani paste over this milk layer and refrigerate again.

10.Serve cool and enjoy the taste of apricot and milk. garnish with dry fruits.


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