An Insight About How To Live

October 13, 2021 2 Comments

According to Bronnie Ware, author of “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departed”, the regrets of most people are – I wish, I had lived for myself, did not work so hard, did not hold my feelings, stayed in touch with friends and family, cared less for others, did not worry so much, took better care of myself, remained happy instead of cribbing about , never took life for granted and most importantly, lived in the present. I am sure as you read them, you will resonate with some or the other of these. These thoughts from the dying gives a great insight about how to live life.

The children don’t really think much about the end of lives. They mostly think about what is there for dinner tonight, or who is coming down for the match in the evening, or which show we’ll bing watch. The thought of end of life (death) simply does not come to their mind as they do not have this concept. As we grow older, the thought of death enters our mind, but we don’t take it seriously because we think we have plenty of years left here, right? So, we live our lives on the basis of denial. We deny our inevitable fate and gamble with the idea that we have plenty of time to live our dreams and postpon action needed to fulfill the goals. We all live with the hope of seeing tomorrow, but we’ve got only today. I don’t want to scare or depress but simply awaken you NOW, so that you won’t have regrets later.

No matter what role you play in this world, whether you’re a mom, student, daughter, son, father, CEO, banker, farmer, janitor, etc, you have something to worry about. However, do not let this worry take over your life. Do not let the heaviness of the burden drag you down. Shed the worries, as life is short but we don’t realize. It is better to awaken to this truth right NOW? Don’t be a worrier; be a warrior!

We all work too hard to reach a certain level in our chosen field and have good bank balance. This satisfies our ego and fulfills the need of financial securities but this is not all which we humans need. We flourish on sentimental connection with other people. Live life the way you want NOW. Be in touch with people who matters. If you miss a friend, get in touch with them via Facebook, email, text, or any other form of communication.There is no dearth of medium of communication in these times. The best way to lead life is to live simply, authentically, happily, and do what feels right for you. As long as you feel happy with yourself, nothing else matters.

an insight about how to live

As I look around, I see that most of us forget to live in the present. We think more about past or we long for a future that hasn’t happened yet. Either way, we live out of alignment with the present, which means that we’re NEVER truly experiencing life. We aren’t experiencing the raw moments, the moments unfolding right before our eyes.

After reading this book, I thought of analyzing my life and find out if there are any regrets, which I need to address, I guess, I still have time. 😛 We all know, life is all about adjustments and making the best in the moment and same had been with me too. There are times when one sacrifices for loved ones and many a times, circumstances force to you to renounce certain things . I had to sacrifice many professional and personal goals in due course of time due to circumstances or on my family’s demand. But I opted for the best available choice and excelled in it. If I analyse my life on what Bronie Ware had mentioned, I have almost none regrets which she has mentioned. I have evolved with time. I have learnt to let go of many of the regrets and I have moved on from them. I am not of the kind to blame any one for what life throws at me. I take the things in my stride and move on.

My outlook towards life has changed from being a materialistic person and I have become to an extent a non materialistic person. I have started living more in present rather than dewelling on past. But I do make plans for immediate future. My future timeline has now reduced to around 5 years now. Thinking about future is like thinking about hope, in my opinion. I do things which give me happiness and not necessarily money and I have intentionally shifted to this for the freedom they provide. An attitude of gratitude and letting go definitely enhances peace of mind.

Though no one can predict about what will happen exactly at the moment of death, will it be slow or immediate. I do think about it sometimes now. Any regrets? Looks to be none worth pondering.

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