Aging Gracefully !

April 23, 2022 2 Comments

Elders in Indian society take it upon them to speak in everyone’s affairs. 😛 They take it as a way to flaunt their experience of life.

Here I am sharing few pointers, on what we should be doing or not doing as we age.

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  1. When you get older, do not preach or teach anyone, even if you are sure that you are correct. Remember how this bothered you once? Did you like your elder’s interventions yourself?
  2. Do not try to help unless asked for. Be a silent watcher. Do not impose yourself on anyone. Do not try to protect your loved ones from all the misfortunes of the world. Let them learn from their own experiences and that is way to grow. Always remember the old saying – Unwanted advice is never welcomed. So keep mum andbe happy. 🙂
  3. Do not be a complaining monster. A complaining monster is one who is always complaining about own health, government, children and even retirement. No one appreciates listening to complains. If making complaints become your favourite pass time, people ( family and friends) will start keeping distance from you. You will end up being alone. If this happens, it will leave you a very sad person.
  4. You might have given best years of your life to your children but do not expect any gratitude from children. Remember they have not asked for it, we have done it as parents for our love for them and also as a responsibility since we have brought them into this world. they are doing the same for their children.
  5. Phrases like “Me at your age”, “I gave you the best years”, “I am older so I know better” are generally not well received. Avoid using them for own mental peace.
  6. Do not waste your money on anti aging treatments. It is useless. Go for a fun trip either with spouse, friends or alone. Choice is yours.
  7. Do not stop learning. keep up with time at all costs. Understand new technologies, be aware by following the news, constantly study and learn something new. Do not fall behind the time. Do what you want… While you can!
  8. Many elders develop an attitude of self-blaming. This may lead to deptression also. Stop blaming yourself for anything. Whatever has happened in your life or in your children’s lives is not your doing. It’s their karmas too. You did everything you could. So chill !
  9. Preserve your dignity in any situation, till the end.
  10. Do not forget, as long as you are alive, be happy, humble and enjoy your innings on the blue planet!

I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z. Just a gentle reminder that I have been writing about issues of seniors in this challenge. I call it “Second Innings”. You can check my other posts for elders here.



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