A Review of “Podcasting, Wellness & Monetizing for Writers In India”

June 14, 2022 0 Comments

This book by Dr. Amrita is just what any digital content creator needs to explore the digital world through different pathways. This is like the proverbial – “Chota packet Bada dhamaaka”. I can recommend it to everybody who is starting on the journey of content creation. 

As one reads from one page to another, one is amazed at the constant efforts and innovations she has put in even as a busy doctor. Though all of us have a busy life, a doctor’s life is busier than any of us as she deals with human lives. When I saw her achievements on different digital platforms, I am amazed and motivated by her hard work and planning.

Since this is her practical experience, I think it is very much doable. She has classified the book into three parts – Podcasting, Wellness, and monetization for writers. I am impressed with her commitment to improving the earnings of content creators in the digital space. 

Let me share my reviews about three parts of her book.  🙂

  1. Podcasting – 

Podcasting is the new platform that is getting popular with the masses. She has shared the whole process of setting up the podcast, content creations, and her personal growth in podcasting. These personal experiences do motivate people. 

I totally agree with her when she says why podcasting is getting popular.

 In her words – 

“Because you can fold the laundry and listen. Make the bed and listen. Cook or cut veggies and listen. Dust and listen. Walk on the treadmill and listen! Pretend to listen while you snooze in the afternoon? Whatever works for you.I absolutely love reading, but podcasting helps me catch up with many industry contents that would be otherwise difficult to make time for.” 

Isn’t it such practical advice? Or I would say, a motivation to start your own podcast. 

She has given a complete step-wise detailing to start the podcast. The best part is that she has shared most of the free tools to start your podcast journey. 

Moving ahead in the book and her journey, she has shared about her next milestone. This is the audiobook, which is the natural transformation from a podcaster. 

  1. Mental Health of Content Creators

Content creation is an ongoing process and mentally tiring too. In the next part, Dr. Amrita has mentioned how she manages her mental stress and shared that mental health should not be ignored. It is always good to consult a psychiatrist at the earliest.

  1. Content Monetization

In the last section, she has mentioned the tricks of the trade to monetize your content. 10 ways to monetize. Her approach is practical and she has suggested the use of the free tools available online. Email marketing, Google My Business, search engines, etc are some of the tools she has mentioned. Create courses around content to monetize and make good money. 

Overall, a piece of very practical advice written in simple, easy-to-understand language. 

Very laudable efforts by Dr. Amrita!

Looking forward to more of your content.

You can download the book here.

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