On a cold morning!!

December 22, 2011 0 Comments

It started with full glow of sun and no fog today. I woke up when it was still dark outside. In the “goodnight mosquito repellent night lamp” light, I took hold of my mobile to know the time. It was 5.07 am. I felt happy, still 2 hours to get up. I slipped little more in the quilt. The feel of warm quilt in the cold weather is just divine. But I could not sleep. My sleep quota was over but lying in bed without sleeping is a relaxing therapy. Around 6.45, when the addictive TEA became active, I got up.

The day has started with power today. I put the kettle in microwave before I brushed my teeth, fearing the tea may be done, before power goes away. The brushing took 3 minutes and T was ready in 3 min 10 sec. Ah, the newspaper is out there as I can hear the thud of falling news paper while filling my cuppa of hot sweet tea. So, next half an hour with T and duniya ki khabrein. But news paper was full of political lokpal bill, with Anna and Soniya supporting their own versions. This is what is expected of the politicians of India, as most of them are engaged in corrupt practices. They have never lived under the law. All of them have made themselves above the law. None of them are worried about the country.

RB got ready by 8.30 and left for Delhi. A long and cumbersome drive during office hours.

The day spent in reading and relaxing. New project to start from 27th, so enjoying the break. I have to do knitting, but koi mood nahin ban raha hai.

Amma, my “home-maid” help came in time. Papa and I ate hot potato parantha with steaming tea in breakfast. I have given amma, evening off today. I want to get introduced to the kitchen again 🙂 . Its very cold in the evening. I want amma to take some rest, as she was feeling not so well in the morning.

The year is about to end in just a few days. How time flies! Fewer days are left now. I hope, I am using my time on the planet in a fruitful way.

Regret for wasted time is more wasted time. I donot believe in wasting time!


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