A day spent with Kusum.

December 21, 2011 0 Comments

Hi, Good morning! The bright sunny day, is colder than yesterday. There was power in the morning till 9.25 am but now I am reverted to inverter  for my power requirements. To those, who have never faced power crisis, inverter is a small power house, available in different capacities, run on batteries. Earlier the car batteries were used and now special inverter batteries are available.  The inverter now supplies sine wave electricity, which does not harm the electrical appliances.

Yesterday, I did two major and boring tasks: a bank job and the routine household shopping from a neighbour-hood HUDA market. Kusum came in the late afternoon and we had tea together, with lots of chatpati gupshup and some healthy and non healthy snacks. I and Kusum went to the local market (not the one I went earlier. There are two local small market places nearby). I had to drop the phone bill cheque in the drop down box and buy some medicines for my dad.

On way back, I bought the daily milk requirements. I came back walking to satisfy my guilt of not doing my routine exercise because of the biting cold in the mornings. I met an elderly neighbour, who had an accident and was recently operated. Meeting an old and lonely person is always very frightening to me. It is like looking into my own future.

I am little confused about old age dilemmas. In general  , does one become introvert and cuts himself/ herself from the people or people in general cuts them off. I have seen seniors less appreciative about the new generations, changing the norms specified by them. I guess, this brings in the gap. You may call it generation gap or a relationship gap or a communication gap. I am a people’s person. I do not know, how will I handle such situations. But as of now, I am appreciative of all the new things around and very well connected with new and young generation around me.

Let us see, how things take turns!

CYA then,


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  1. Yeah… you display an attribute of creative people. Keep inking and winking. Take life as it comes to you, with open arms, hug it and u will get back what u want…. dont wait to see how things turns, sometimes turn urself to see the things around 🙂

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