Movie Review – “Salaam Venky”

September 17, 2023 0 Comments

“Salaam Venky” is a deeply stirring and inspirational cinematic journey, drawing its inspiration from the remarkable true story of Venkatesh, brilliantly portrayed by Vishal Jethwa. He’s not just a chess enthusiast; he’s a spirited young warrior in a relentless battle against a rare adversary. The narrative unfolds as Venky grapples with his deteriorating physical condition, …

My Creative Solace

March 3, 2023 6 Comments

  Nurturing the creative self can be a great way to boost overall well-being and satisfaction in life. Everyone has to take care of their physical and mental self. These creative sojourns help in rejuvenating and refreshing the whole person. When one gets bucked up and bored with daily routines, these creative breaks help in …

How to Tell a Story Effectively?

October 3, 2022 7 Comments

Fables are a significant part of everyone’s childhood memories. The favourite storytellers were grandmoms and parents. They tell tales so effectively that they are still imprinted in our minds. I am sure, none of you will disagree on this with me. Storytelling at bedtime was a daily ritual at my home when my boys were …

Cosmetic Surgery – A Lifestyle Need?

September 24, 2022 0 Comments

A few days ago I came across an article about surgical intervention to increase height. This caught my attention and I read through it. It is said to be a very painful surgery which not only breaks the bones (literally) but also breaks the bank account. The maximum height addition is claimed to be 5 …

How Much Free Time is Good For You?

September 19, 2021 36 Comments

Free time is defind as the time when you are neither working nor studing but can do what ever you want. But how much free time is good for some one. And how to use this free time to feel good?